Early detection of burnout and stress related conditions
Identify mental and physical conditions even before symptoms occur and maintain health in the long run
Accurate and early detection
HeartBalance is accelerating the detection of stress related conditions with the analysis of the autonomic nervous system. Easy and comfortable, from home or from the clinic.
Early Detection
Detect mental and physical conditions early enough to take action and prevent illness. Easy and everywhere!
Health Optimization
Get personalized intervention suggestions to improve your clients health in an easy and enjoyable way.

Longterm wellbeing
Stay in touch with your clients and keep track of their health. You help them to live a healthier and longer life.

HeartBalance App

Measure, analyse, set interventions and repeat: The HeartBalance App enables full circle personal health management.

The Heartbalance App makes an individual health assessment, provides you with intervention suggestions to improve health and connects you with your client whenever you are.

HeartBalance Device

Get deep insights into stress and recovery levels, vital resources and potentials, as well as cognitive, emotional and empathic activities.

HeartBalance measures the intensity and dynamics of the autonomic nervous system. The device is worn up to 24 hours whether working, excercising or sleeping.
How it works
The autonomic nervous system is the gateway to our health.
Think of it as a racing car with a gas pedal and a break. Just like the car, the purpose of the autonomic nervous system is to adapt to its environment with activity or relaxation.
When the body is not able to recover in its natural way, mental and physical regulation disorders occur.
HeartBalance makes the individual health status visible and delivers personalised interventions to stay healthy in the long term.